Want to introduce your platform to Blio?

Blio adds a new dimension in leveraging the full capabilities of your platform to the consumer. With instant access to over a million paid and free titles, a small install footprint, and minimal application memory usage, Blio offers the most robust performance possible from an e-reader.

Blio offers OEMs:

  • Platform and hardware independence
  • A Windows version that is currently available; and iOS, OSX, Android and Silverlight versions coming soon
  • A consistent user experience across the full spectrum of your device offerings
  • An offering designed to be a turn-key, white-labeled solution

The Blio experience also delivers your own branded in-app bookstore, and not only will you create a solid foothold in the e-Reading market, you will have given your customers the most engaging, immersive and entertaining e-Reading experience available.


Blio Opens the Door for Premium Digital Content Creation

Any book can be converted into the Blio format. Once created, getting your book into the marketplace in a digital format is as easy as sending a file and providing basic metadata. Our partner Baker & Taylor can handle conversion, encryption, embedded data and everything else you need for your book to wow readers onscreen.

With Blio, publishers can:

  • Enable text to speech for read-aloud performances and synchronize unabridged audio with digital text to create a new product of print plus audio.
  • Insert video or audio clips, or interactive Web pages.
  • Use voice painting to create a computer-generated, multi-character listening experience.
  • Engage readers more fully by enabling social networking within a book.
  • Brand the reader software specifically for a book, series or imprint.
  • Customize research tools, such as dictionaries and Web-based research destinations.


Interested in Adding Blio to Your Digital Media Marketplace?

Retailers can now incorporate Blio's eReading software into your existing digital content solution as a superior eReading experience for your customers. Blio's eReader can be custom branded, or “white labeled,” with your corporate identity for seamless integration into your retail front-end.

With select partners such as Baker & Taylor, Blio can be integrated into existing e-commerce applications or used as the cornerstone of a new Digital Media Store. Baker & Taylor converts, manages, aggregates and delivers new digital content every day. Your physical and digital books are stored and managed by one trusted source, saving you time and money.

With Baker & Taylor e-commerce services, you have turnkey and fully customized e-commerce solutions. Your branded Digital Media Store is ready to serve existing and attract new customers from day one, with a seamless, user-friendly experience for buying and downloading digital content — beginning with the free Blio application.