September 2010 K-NFB Launches Free E-Reader Software That Revolutionizes Digital Reading Experience

K-NFB Reading Technology, creator and developer of the Blio[TM] e-reading software, today announced the launch of Blio, the most advanced, flexible, interactive and engaging e-reading application available to consumers. The free application can be downloaded immediately to all Windows-based devices at the newly designed, with applications for iOS, Android and Silverlight platforms available soon.

September 2010 Blio reader set for roll-out beginning September 28

September 2010 Blio for PC will be available on September 28, iOS and Android apps soon after

September 2010 Blio Reader for PC gearing up for launch in late September

September 2010 Blio reader to hit Windows Sept. 28, Android and iOS next

September 2010 Blio e-Reading Software Set For Release September 28

September 2010 A Quarky Opportunity

August 2010 Blio eReader software to have Nuance text-to-speech technology

June 2010 Ray Kurzweil Vows to Right E-Reader Wrongs

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January 2010 Blio E-Book Platform: No Reader (Yet), But Great Graphics

Where Blio really shines is in its ability to display beautiful graphics on a PC monitor. In a demo at the Microsoft CES booth, a heavily illustrated children's book looked terrific on an LCD monitor—as did pages from a medical anatomy textbook.

January 2010 Blio might be the most exciting announcement at CES

The one highlight of Steve Ballmer’s keynote was his announcement of the new Blio software from Ray Kurzweil, the mind behind Kurzweil Educational Systems and their range of assistive technology. While Blio could certainly have implications in the assistive tech realm, this could finally be the application that brings rich, interactive e-textbooks to a variety of devices.

January 2010 Steve Ballmer Demos Blio During Keynote Presentation


Blio takes ebooks and reading on your PC to a whole new level.

January 2010 Kurzweil Unveils ‘Blio’

Ray Kurzweil, the tech guru who invented voice recognition, shows CNBC’s Jim Goldman his next big thing: Blio.

January 2010 CES: Ray Kurzweil tries to build a better e-reader

The Blio software allows for a number of interesting enhancements over standard e-books. In one example, Kurzweil shows a children's picture book of the “Three Little Pigs” with the book synchronized to the human-narrated audiobook. As the audio goes on, the word being read can be highlighted. That, Kurzweil says, allows children to improve their reading more quickly.

January 2010 CES: Blio isn't doing an e-reader device, but it is making software

Another company is vying to make an e-reader, but it is taking the software route. Unlike the software on devices from and Barnes & Noble, the Blio reader shows books in full color and takes the interactivity beyond navigating pages and shopping for books.

January 2010 Kurzweil's Blio: A Killer Ebook Reader For Windows

In addition to all the readers features you would expect, like adjustable font sizes and downloadable books, Blio is designed to take advantage of the color screens found on iPods, netbooks, and laptops. The Blio format enables publishers to embed Web content directly into pages, so that new content can be dynamically.

January 2010 Blio: Perhaps The Future Of Books?


A company called knfb Reading Technology is about to launch eReader software called Blio. I watched a demo of Blio this afternoon. Demoed on a laptop and iPhone, I was impressed. eReaders like the Kindle and the Nook only let you see the book in black and white. Blio brings back the color. It's perfect for children's books.

January 2010 Blio e-reader software hands-on

Regardless, of where the Blio software ends up we really dig it and it approaches digital reading in a whole new way. [...] Blio software aims to preserve the traditional book or magazine format by keeping its layout, fonts, images, but also to meld it with digital interactivity.

See what people are saying about Blio:

“If you think that the E Ink screen on the Kindle look like a wet newspaper, you're not alone.. Inventor and technology futurist Ray Kurzweil thought the same thing. So the man who developed optical character recognition and voice recognition came up with Blio, a digital book software program that promises to put those gray-scale displays to shame.” – Alex Pham, Los Angeles Times

“Two great things. A million titles. And I don’t have to buy more software.” – Jim Goldman, CNBC

“e-Readers like the Kindle and the Nook only let you see the book in black and white. Blio brings back the color." – Laura Sydell, NPR

“The most revolutionary e-reader experience unveiled at CES this week may not be a piece of hardware. A new software application called Blio, built in part by futurist-inventor Ray Kurzweil on a Microsoft platform, turns almost any laptop, netbook or smartphone into an image-rich electronic reader.” – CNN

“On both PC and iPhone, the rendering is smooth – with colorful books, like reference texts, the effect is impressive, with interactive diagrams, video and clickable text.” – Gizmodo