The Black Violin

by Maxence Fermine

Wounded while fighting with Napoleon's army in the Italian campaign, violin prodigy Johannes Karelsky arrives in Venice, where he is rescued by a mysterious woman and boards with Erasmus, an aged violin maker who has created the legendary "Black Violin," an instrument with which Johannes becomes obsessed as he searches for his enigmatic rescuer.

The Black Violin

Chapter One

Johannes Karelsky was a violinist.
But in truth, he was far more than that.
For Johannes Karelsky was a genius.
And his secret wish was to write the most beautiful opera ever written.

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Full Title: The Black Violin: A Novel
Author: Maxence Fermine
Translator: Chris Mulhern
Publisher: Atria Books / Simon & Schuster
Date Published: May 11, 2021
Format: eBook, Blio
Platform: XPS Enabled
Platform: Windows 8 Enabled
Length: 144 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 1439104530 / 9781439104538
Category: Fiction / Literary Fiction
Audience: General Adult