The Blood-dimmed Tide

by Howard Weinstein

<b><big>MERE ANARCHY</big></b> <BR> <BR> A new six-part epic covering thirty years of <i>Star Trek</i>? history, continuing with an adventure that takes between <i>The Final Frontier</i> and <i>The Undiscovered Country!</i> <BR> <BR> Book 5: THE BLOOD-DIMMED TIDE <BR> <BR> Twenty-five years after the disaster, Mestiko's recovery is stagnating amid social unrest. A lunar colony designed for scientific research might give the people hope -- until a local terrorist group called the Torye attacks the colony and steals an experimental subspace weapon. The <i> </i> is sent to find the Torye and retrieve the weapon. <BR> <BR> But even as Captain Kirk and his crew -- Saavik, Scotty, Chekov, Uhura, and McCoy -- follow the trail, Captain Spock goes on a daring undercover mission to Klingon space that will have dire consequences for the future of Mestiko -- as well as the Federation...

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Author: Howard Weinstein
Publisher: Star Trek / Simon & Schuster
Date Published: March 15, 2021
Format: eBook, Blio
Platform: XPS Enabled
Platform: Windows 8 Enabled
Length: 124 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 1416534512 / 9781416534518
Categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy / Science Fiction / Space Opera
Science Fiction & Fantasy / Science Fiction / Adventure
Science Fiction & Fantasy / Science Fiction / General