The Fearful Summons

by Denny Martin Flynn

Captain Sulu of the <I>U.S.S. Excelsior</I> and his crew are kidnapped. When Federation-conducted negotiations come to a standstill, Captain James Kirk and the former officers of the <I>U.S.S. Enterprise?</I> reunite to rescue their old comrade. <BR> The officers learn carrying out their mission could prove difficult when they encounter the kidnappers -- a greedy little-known race called the Thraxians, who believe their way is the only way. Now the Thraxians are demanding super-powerful weapons in exchange for the hostages. <BR> With no other alternatives, Kirk is forced to consider giving in to the Thraxians to save the <I>Excelsior</I> crew -- a decision that could save a few, but endanger the lives of an entire star system...

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Author: Denny Martin Flynn
Publisher: Star Trek / Simon & Schuster
Date Published: September 22, 2020
Format: eBook, Blio
Platform: XPS Enabled
Platform: Windows 8 Enabled
Language: English
ISBN: 074342025X / 9780743420259
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy / Science Fiction / General