Focus on Retirement

by the Staff of the Wall Street Journal

Several times a year, <I>The Wall Street Journal</I> publishes Special Reports about active living for those fifty-five and older. And with the number of older Americans at an estimated 45 million and growing, it's no wonder these reports are one of the most popular features of both the print and the interactive versions of the <I>Journal.</I> <BR> Here, in <I>Focus on Retirement,</I> is the best of these Special Reports. As you might expect from the nation's preeminent business publication, here are tips on how you can stretch your retirement income, when you should pay your estate taxes, and how many players you really need on your financial team. Here are the best stories from the popular <I>If You're Thinking of Retiring In...</I> feature, medical news on combating heart disease and other illnesses, and ideas on what to do with all that free time. In <I>Focus on Retirement</I> you will <BR> <UL TYPE=CIRCLE> <LI>Meet Barbara Barrie, a 68-year-old actress who has turned her battle against colorectal cancer into a crusade for public awareness; <BR> <LI>Ride the rails with Ira Lomench, who organized an 18-day transcontinental charter train trip for a few friends; <BR> <LI>Investigate Sun City Huntley, an active-adult community 45 miles from Chicago that boasts a golf course and a 94,000-square-foot lodge with health club and lounges; and <BR> <LI>Join the annual national reunion of the Knickerbocker clan in Schaghticoke, New York, advertised on the family website.<BR> </UL> <BR> Collected and presented here for the first time in e-book format, <I>Focus on Retirement</I> is a searchable, portable, and hugely valuable resource from the award-winning staff of <I>The Wall Street Journal.</I>

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Full Title: Focus on Retirement: An E-book Anthology
Author: the Staff of the Wall Street Journal
Publisher: Free Pr / Simon & Schuster
Date Published: January 10, 2021
Format: eBook, Blio
Platform: XPS Enabled
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Length: 346 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 0743215176 / 9780743215176
Categories: Business & Money / Personal Finance & Investing / Retirement Planning
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