Blio (pronounced "bl-ee-o") was founded in 2000. Our focus is on innovative design, managing complexity and building elegant solutions. We value the beauty of new ideas and creating practical application for these ideas. At Blio we believe every engineer should be asking "how can this be done better?". The challenge of analysing and solving problems is what drives us.

The company headquarters is in sunny Cape Town, South Africa.


We became fit in an African environment.
The roots of our company stem from two geeks building an Internet Service Provider. The solutions they built to solve the problems they faced in the daily running of the ISP became the foundation for Blio's first products.

Keeping an ISP profitable in a competitive market with a very restrictive legislative environment in an African country has a unique set of challenges. The key is to build practical, cost effective and dependable solutions. These principals are visible today in the design of Blio's embedded systems and network management solutions.

Real artists ship.
The basis of evolution is to innovate and adapt to your environment. New ideas come from facing new challenges. We believe design and innovation must be focused on practical applications in real world environments. These are our roots and this is how we will evolve.

Manage complexity.
We strive to design and build solutions that give our clients a competitive edge today. We focus on finding elegant solutions for managing complexity in the network environment of tomorrow.

Choose a network, any network.
We see blio building infrastructure at the core of networks everywhere.
Networks that scale to meet not only our demands but our expectations.
We envision simplicity in the way humans manage these networks when these networks evolve to manage themselves.

  • Design, design, design
  • Access everything with a web interface
  • Put the customer in control
  • Attention to detail, every little thing matters

"We build good ships here, at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but always good ships"

-- Colis P. Huntington